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#CDCMythbusters Series

We are eager to show our patients some truths behind dental treatments which put fear into people when it comes to dentistry!

Roughly 90% of dental patients suffer from some dental phobia which in most cases is caused by a childhood trauma suffered at the hands of a school dentist. Other patients have bad experience as an adult that put them off visiting a dentist for years.

Whatever causes fear, it is important for people to understand that dentistry can be done in a different way and we are very loud advocates of this!

Some patients are even scared ringing us to book their first appointments! Others can get terrified getting into the dental surgery with all the different equipment and tools all laid out there. Our advice is to ask and enquire! Our dentists, treatment coordinators, receptionists and nurses at the Carlow Dental Centre would gladly answer your questions or address your problems! The key is  to communicate with them.

In the meantime, in this series, we will bring up myths people tend to believe in when it comes to dentistry. We would like to explain different dental problems and situations to our existing and future patients so no questions remain unanswered!

Welcome to the Carlow Dental Centre’s Myth Busters series presented regularly on different dental dilemmas. Make sure to check out the next installment shortly!

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