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#CDCstories Gillian

Gillian is one of our senior dental nurse team leaders who joined our Clinic in 2012 and has been working with us ever since.

Gillian started her journey as a dental nurse with us and we offered her enrolment in the Dublin Dental Hospital’s Nursing School shortly afterwards.

She graduated in 2015 and greatly enjoyed attending Nursing School.

Gillian also puts her knowledge in excellent use every day when it comes to organising the nursing department. She is not only one of the team leaders of our nurse colleagues but has great expertise when it comes to special areas, such as orthodontic or oral surgical nursing. She is also a great contributor to both areas when it comes to stock taking, overseeing treatments from the nursing point of view along with administrative tasks.

Gillian regularly holds training sessions to her fellow nurse colleagues and takes a keen interest in these as she loves helping her colleagues whenever she can!

Gillian currently attends a Radiology Course in Dublin to further expand her expertise and she is due to complete it later in the year.

In her free time, Gillian enjoys spending time with her family, walking her gorgeous Hungarian vizsla dog, Samu and travelling.

Gillian also has significant understanding and knowledge of the Hungarian language, which is allegedly the second most difficult language to learn after Mandarin!

Thank you for everything so far Gillian, you are an asset to our Clinic!

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