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#CDCstories Grace

#CDCstories Grace

Grace joined our dental practice in 2013 to cover maternity leave but we never let her go since! She has been an extremely important part of our customer service team since. While working as a receptionist, we enrolled Grace in the Dental Business Academy to complete a dental receptionist course in 2014 and she hasn't looked back since.

Grace was promoted as a treatment coordinator in 2015, a role which she very much enjoyed and still does. Treatment coordinators or "TCOs", as they are called in the dental world, are the links between the patients and the dentist or specialist. They accompany the patient all along their dental journeys, playing an important role in the informed consent process. This process ensures that patients understand their treatment options and choose the right one to best suit their needs. Grace excelled in this role with her caring attitude and lots of patients who have already finished treatment remember her fondly as somebody who helped them through their dental journey.

Grace took a keen interest in all areas of dentistry but especially enjoyed working with patients whose treatment requires orthodontics or oral surgery. She was there at every step to guide the patients, which they were always very grateful for!

In 2018, Grace was promoted to Patient Experience Manager, which now requires her to overview various aspects of the customer service responsibilities within the Clinic. She also manages a team of six colleagues at Reception, including continuous training and support along with treatment coordination. She is one busy lady!

Grace has been recognised as Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year on numerous occasions. The Clinic also nominated her in the category of "Most Valuable Team Member" at the 2018 Irish Dentistry Awards where she got shortlisted as a finalist, which is an unbelievable achievement!

We are very proud of Grace and her achievements in the last few years and are delighted she stayed on after her initial 6-month period! Her career has gone from strength to strength at the Carlow Dental Centre and patients love her smile and tireless work ethic which ensures they all get the best possible care!

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