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#CDCstories; over 20,000 Patients

#CDCstories 20,000

The Carlow Dental Centre reached another milestone recently when we welcomed our 20,000th registered patient to the Practice! This is definitely something to celebrate about but this also gave us a reason to look back on the last few years in the Clinic’s history.

This is a huge success but this would have never happened without dedication. We are fully aware what responsibilities this also brings. We are very lucky we could find people around us who helped to achieve this and the place that warmly welcomed us.

The key elements for success are: passion, vision and teamwork. We are passionate about dentistry, it is not only a job for us. We have a clear vision for our and the Clinic’s future and we have a team that makes it all work.

We would like to present regular posts which will share stories from behind the scenes, whether it’s about a patient, an employee or a special event we had.

We want to show you who we are, where we came from and where we are heading so patients can see the Clinic’s human side presented through interesting stories, facts or numbers.

We are also starting an interesting series shortly which will bust a dental myth at every installment. People are confused and afraid when it comes to dentistry! We want to explain dental treatment in an easy way so a trip to the dentist can be a gentle experience!

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