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Emergency appointments

Myth: I woke up on a Sunday morning with a very bad toothache. Nobody can see me.

Truth: The good news is that we can!

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Imagine sitting at home on a Sunday morning with a toothache which is set to ruin your weekend especially if you had plans made. Or you are looking forward to a social event that has been planned in the diary for 6 months…. or a family day out…. or an evening meal with your nearest and dearest.

Toothache always arrives at the worst possible times but we are here to look after you!

The Carlow Dental Centre is open 7 days a week (we only take a day off on a Bank Holiday Monday and over Christmas and New Years!) to ensure patients are seen every day of the week.

Due to the demand, we have recently opened slots for new patient emergencies in our diary for every single day of the week, which includes Sundays. All we ask is, that you ring ahead and arrive before 6pm to be seen on the day.

We call these emergency pain relief appointments where our emergency dentist will see you and assess you. We will do everything we can to stop your pain on the day; however follow-up appointments are needed in most cases to complete treatment.

In some cases, no treatment can be carried out due to an infection, in this case you will be given a prescription to ease the pain and the infection. You will be then seen again whenever the dentist thinks the infection is cleared up so further treatment can be carried out. Sometimes this makes patients think that the emergency appointment was a waste of time and money! The dentist would always do what is best for the patient.

Prevention and regular check-ups are of course very important so get those niggling teeth attended to before Christmas or any holidays planned so they will not ruin your rest!

Don’t forget -  we are here 7 days a week, whether if it’s a comprehensive exam or an emergency appointment you need!

So this myth is…… BUSTED!

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