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Throwback Thursday - 2012 - Celebrating 1 year in business

Throwback Thursday - 2012 - Celebrating 1 year in business

The Carlow Dental celebrated in style shortly before Christmas 2012 when guests, patients and staff were invited to honour the Hungarian roots of the Clinic with an Inauguration ceremony.

We have always been very proud of our multicultural background represented by different nationalities working in the Practice, with some staff proudly holding dual citizenships.

The owners of the Practice are Hungarians along with most of the dentists but we proudly have Irish, Polish and Romanian staff members also!

The 2012 celebrations mixed our Irish and Hungarian backgrounds with Irish guests entertained by Hungarian cuisine, drinks and customs followed by Irish performers.

The event has been a great success with everyone involved, even though that our staff numbers were significantly lower than what we have now.

This event was also a great opportunity to show prominent guests what our Clinic was about and what was it like. The then-Hungarian Ambassador attended along with the then-Mayor of Carlow who enjoyed the grand tour of the Carlow Dental Centre. We aimed to show the people behind the scenes and treatments.

Looking back at the photos from 2012 it is extremely hard to believe how much smaller our organisation was compared to today.

Back in 2012 we had 4 dental chairs operating only which in 2017 grew to 10 and we might not step there yet!

We have seen a smaller number of patients every day back then. These reflecting blogs are great in the sense that we can look back and see what responsibilities we owe to our patients now we have this many!

For us, each and every patient is unique and we aim to provide the equally enjoyable patient journey to everyone who seeks treatment with us, regarding how big or small the treatment is. Some of you might think that a trip to the dentist can never be enjoyable but trust us, we manage to do it! Our relaxed atmosphere combined with the lovely staff and expertise manage to convince patients that a trip to the dentist shouldn’t be dreaded.  

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